WEBINAR: Amping Up Your Digital Marketing Strategy and Winning with Audience Targeting

Fact: Audience targeting is a hot trend in digital marketing. But more than just a buzz word, audience management platforms are a critical component to targeted, top-performing campaigns. The premise is simple: increase the performance of your campaigns through better audience segmentation, stronger targeting, and more relevant and engaging creative that drives a user to take action.

In this 45-minute webinar presented by PointRoll and Legolas Media, learn how a major CPG brand navigated through the new world of audience targeting to find, better understand, and market to their consumers across multiple brands.

By viewing this webinar, you will:

  • Gain a stronger understanding of audience management
  • Understand how to leverage AMPs to boost campaign performance
  • Learn how to apply lessons of a major CPG brand to your business

If you have any questions after viewing the webinar, please contact marketing@pointroll.com.

Watch the recorded session here:

Download the presentation deck on Slideshare here.

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