Open Insights: Make Data Your Bitch

A digital marketing campaign is only as good as the sum of its parts: Cutting edge creative coupled with relevant targeting and insights enables marketers to optimize messaging and delivery to make the most out of every impression. PointRoll’s Open Insights approach enables marketers to harness the power of audience data and insights to deliver more relevant, higher converting campaigns across the digital landscape while simultaneously accessing performance date in the dashboard of your choice. In other words… Make data your bitch.

Open Insights is built around the goal of driving ad effectiveness and leveraging leading data providers to better understand your audience, find more of your targets, serve the most effective message, and integrate the resulting metrics into your preferred reporting and back office systems. PointRoll has partnered with more than 20 providers to enable you to seamlessly overlay partner data and access campaign insights for improved performance. The result is an inclusive view of campaign performance in relation to your complete digital effort. We’ve taken great strides to make each partnership valuable, through a combination of thoughtful product integration, preferred pricing, and in some cases, new joint products and pricing models that make it even easier for you to test data capabilities.

Check out my video on Open Insights to see how this new initiative can help you make more of each media dollar you spend:

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