Announcement: PointRoll Introduces Next Generation Data Visualization and Reporting API

PointRoll OnPoint Platform

I’m pleased to share that we have just launched new features to our OnPoint platform. The latest enhancements provide better data visualization, reporting and analysis to make understanding your single or multi-screen campaign performance even easier.

What’s New:

  • Reporting API to deliver campaign data directly to your data warehouse, business intelligence or analytics team
  • Real-time chart and graph creation
  • Automated, standard and custom reports
  • Easier slicing and dicing of data

Great Features and Analytics Still Available:

  • Highly visual dashboards
  • Single or multi-screen campaign performance across video, mobile, rich media, display and more
  • Ability to access your OnPoint Analytics dashboard and reporting 24/7 across all your connected devices (including mobile and tablet)
  • Exporting campaign performance graphics to a .png file for use in email, PowerPoint, Keynote, Pages, Excel and more
  • Advanced audience analytics including media overlap, audience segmentation and media mix modeling
  • Baseline analytics including conversions, reach and frequency and uniques
  • Ad analytics by channel including video, mobile, rich media, standard display, social and digital out of home
  • Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) and multi-variate optimization
  • Ad visibility and verification
  • Engagement heat maps
  • Benchmarks


For marketers who need deeper, more granular analytics, PointRoll provides advanced data mining and custom reports from an in-house Data Solutions team. Our data professionals provide actionable insights – not a “one-size-fits all” algorithmic output – enabling you to better understand and implement learnings specific to your KPIs and ROI/ROA goals. Some of the most commonly requested custom report types include:

  • Dynamic Creative Optimization reporting
  • Geo and Custom Geo tracking
  • Customized Graphical Data
  • Custom Financial Data
  • Data Collections and Surveys
  • Lag to Conversion
  • Conversion
  • Frequency

To get started, contact your PointRoll account team to get a walkthrough of the new OnPoint Analytics enhancements or to discuss setting up a connection with our reporting API. And, as we greatly value feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact me at or enter your feedback directly in the “tell us what you think” link when logged into OnPoint.  Stay tuned for future enhancements that will help you easily access and understand your campaign performance.

PointRoll OnPoint Video from PointRoll on Vimeo.


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Adam Dubrow

Adam Dubrow is Product Manager of Analytics and Insights at PointRoll where he drives strategy and the development of PointRoll’s proprietary analytics and reporting portal. Through his leadership of cross-functional teams and passion for developing and integrating advanced business solutions, Adam leverages data, technology and business knowhow as a guiding principle for product innovation. His diverse career has spanned industries including ad serving, broadcast media, mortgage banking and consumer finance. Throughout his career, his vision and direction have benefited organizations in strategic development and driving the product portfolio roadmap. Adam is a graduate, with Distinction, of Pennsylvania State University.

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