Announcing: New Interactive In-Stream Video Packages

We’re excited to announce our latest development in our in-stream video suite of products: Interactive In-Stream Video packages. These packages allow you to quickly and easily turn your standard in-stream video campaign into an interactive in-stream campaign using pre-packaged, turnkey and flexible solutions. Whether you would like to incorporate branding elements or enable consumers to select the ad of their choosing, these turnkey packages are a simple, cost-efficient way to increase engagement to your next in-stream video campaign. We’ve even built an intuitive interface to build and customize the ad using the package of your choice. Here is an overview of the three packages currently offered:

Social PackageSocial Package
The Social Package allows for advertisers to promote their presence on up to seven well-known social media sites from the ad unit. Advertisers can easily include links to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and Digg.  A logo can also be added in the social package for users to connect to a brand’s website or another designated URL.

Branding PackageBranding Package
Much like a television network “bug,” the Branding Package places a static or animated logo (with or without messaging) in any corner of the video player. The bug allows for a single click-through.

Video AdChooser PackageVideo AdChooser (+) Package
The Video AdChooser provides advertisers the ability to give viewers a chance to choose from up to four videos to play. Upon video completion, the ad retracts from view, allowing the page content to resume. In the “+” version, the ad stays active after the initial video completes, allowing the user to choose another video or close the ad. If none are selected, a pre-determined default video is displayed.


“Whether advertisers would like to incorporate branding elements or simply enable consumers to select the ad of their choosing, our turnkey packages are a simple, cost-efficient way to increase engagement for your next in-stream video campaign,” said Todd Pasternack, VP, Digital Innovation, PointRoll. “We are pleased to add these solutions to our current in-stream capabilities and looking forward to expanding on these this year.”

See below to learn more about the functionality of these PointRoll Interactive In-Stream Video Packages:

Want to get started? Reach out to your PointRoll rep or email for more information.

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