Expandable Ads Outperform Non-Expandable Ads According to PointRoll/Compete Study

Ten years ago, PointRoll was founded to deliver a more positive advertising experience to people online. When someone rolled their mouse over an ad, *poof* it would expand. Hidden within the walls of this mystical banner ad was a panel full of content that would disappear when he or she was done looking at it and could then go right back to surfing the internet.

Look how far we’ve come. Video, mobile, search… rich media has permeated the advertising industry for one good reason: It works.

For years, we’ve had great metrics – 6% avg. interaction rates, 15+ second avg. brand time, 2% click-through rate – but we haven’t always known what that means. Do these active users take action down the funnel? Does it really matter if the ad expands if we can’t tell what happens after they engage? A new PointRoll/Compete Research study has answered that question. And the answer is clear.

“We looked at how rich media display ads perform across various brand and response metrics and verticals and found statistical validation that expandables outperform non-expandables in every category we measured, including brand engagement, site visitations and search,” said Stephen DiMarco, Chief Marketing Officer of Compete.

The numbers look like this:

  • View-through reporting: Expandables outperformed non-expandables by an average of 64% and by as much as 108%.
  • Driving key purchase indicators (KPIs): Expandables outperformed non-expandable by an average 43% and by as much as 115%.
  • Driving brand search: Expandables outperformed non-expandables by an average of 39% and by as much as 155%.
  • Driving third party research site visitation: Expandables outperformed non-expandables by an average of 49% and by as much as 180%.

With a unique panel of more than two million people and its use of click-stream data, Compete can comprehensively track users across the web, from engagement with advertising or publisher sites to the eventual purchase of goods or services, even offline for certain verticals.  “As marketers seek the best advertising strategies and platforms to reach their digital goals, this study confirms that rich media expandable display ads drive better ROI,” said Jason Tafler, CEO of PointRoll.

We’ve been beating the drum for 10 years now, but this research takes our platform to the next level. If marketers aren’t using rich media, they are missing out. Plain and simple.  If you want to know more, check out the full press release or join us on our webinar with Compete on  November 18th.

[UPDATE: Check out the webinar archive here.]

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