Finding Efficiencies with Agency Partners

Our agency partners are talking and we’re listening. From “we don’t have enough time, we don’t have the right tools, and we don’t have enough people” to “the more devices consumers are using the harder it is to implement across them,”  bottom line, agencies are facing implementation challenges that are distracting them from focusing on strategy.

At PointRoll, we strive to make it easier to create, deliver and measure digital marketing campaigns and lighten the load for our agency partners.  For example, did you know that PointRoll’s Dynamic Creative Optimization  capabilities can cut campaign delivery time by more than 60%?  You can generate thousands of unique ad units instantly, instead of building them individually, saving time and effort.

Take a look at the infographic below to learn more about the challenges facing agencies and how PointRoll can help you build once, publish everywhere and measure everything.  

PointRoll AdAge Cover Wrap 2013



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Mitchell Kreuch
Senior Vice President, Sales

Mitchell serves as PointRoll SVP of Sales. A digital sales veteran, Kreuch has previously lead sales organizations at Disney Online Entertainment,, Yahoo! and MySpace.

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