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PointRoll’s name was included in a Wall Street Journal article this morning about online advertising privacy issues related to mobile ads and the Safari browser. I wanted to provide additional insight as to why we were included in the article and reinforce our current stance on the issue.

PointRoll does not currently employ the Safari technique outlined in the article. PointRoll conducted a limited test within the Safari browser to determine the effectiveness of our mobile ads. The test did not involve the collection, retention or resale of any specific user information. The limited test ended on February 8, 2012, and we made the decision not to employ this practice further.

The Safari technique is not available for any PointRoll clients and is not a part of our standard service offering.

I encourage any of our partners who have additional questions to reach out to me directly at

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Rob Gatto

Rob Gatto, PointRoll's CEO, has more than 24 years of experience in the technology industry – managing marketing, sales, distribution channels, and new market development. Mr. Gatto's experience is a perfect match for his work in managing revenue growth at PointRoll. Having been with ShopLocal for over 8 years prior to the acquisition by Gannett and PointRoll, he has been involved in driving the ShopLocal business from just a few clients to more than 100 today. Mr. Gatto has been instrumental in architecting the strategy that positions ShopLocal at the forefront of the use of the Internet as a vital part of the store marketing mix. He provides our clients with extensive experience in multi-channel marketing and a unique blend of expertise across media, analytics and Internet application development. Prior to joining ShopLocal, Mr. Gatto held various sales executive positions at Hyperion Solutions, the leader in financial analytics software and SPSS Inc. the leading provider of predictive analytics and data mining software.

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  • Sally

    Good to know that. I wonder what Wall Street Journal is up to with this article by implying you guys are involved.

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