Now Run PointRoll Rich Media in Non-Guaranteed Inventory

With impression-level and audience-based buying on the rise, non-guaranteed  ad inventory is all the rage these days for many advertisers. Unfortunately, most of those campaigns have been limited by technology and lack of inventory visibility to primarily non-expandable ads, diminishing their creativity and ability to engage consumers with rich, interactive experiences in an expandable ad unit.  Until now.

For the first time, PointRoll has taken initial steps to enable brand advertisers to efficiently deliver expandable ad units in non-guaranteed online display inventory. PointRoll has partnered with DataXu, a media management platform for digital advertisers, and AdMeld, a technology platform that helps premium publishers maximize their ad revenues, to begin eliminating these challenges and empower brand marketers to take advantage of extended reach, impression-level bidding and data-driven decisioning.

Although today’s announcement is just some initial steps, this new initiative is about giving brand advertisers and their agencies the ability to serve expandable ads to digital audiences across the non-guaranteed display marketplace, including sell-side platforms (SSPs), demand-side platforms (DSPs), and over time by leveraging the increasing amounts of real time bidding (RTB) inventory available through these marketplaces.  Marketers can now take advantage of this less expensive but equally valuable inventory without sacrificing the effectiveness of rich media advertising.  Additionally, marketers can “buy smarter,” leveraging audience-based media buying with enhanced dynamic rich media ad capabilities. Publishers also benefit from this PointRoll capability by tapping into new advertisers and revenue streams at a higher CPM than is typically garnered for non-guaranteed inventory.

As marketers looks for new ways to maximize ROI and reach their audience with messages that drive action, non-guaranteed inventory is the next frontier for marketers to master. PointRoll, with the help of AdMeld and DataXu, is empowering brands to bring the killer creative they serve in rich media ads across their media buy to pack that same punch across a whole new landscape. We believe that if you can build a Rich Media ad that performs, you should be able to serve that ad in its truest form wherever it runs, and furthermore that people should be able to expand their ads wherever they want them expanded!

And speaking of expanding, in the coming months we’ll be expanding this offering, by enabling more inventory to be available within AdMeld through DataXu for expandable ads, but also broadening the initiative into other sell-side venues and through more buy-side vehicles. Please let us know if you’re interested in joining our efforts to further open up the web for creativity and engagement, and watch this space for more announcements and developments!

Learn more about this partnership in the full press release, found on the PointRoll Resource Center.

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