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Last week a couple PointRollers headed down to Austin, Texas along with about 18,000 other individuals to witness the madness that was SXSW Interactive. We felt very privileged to have the opportunity to attend SXSW and we wanted to share some of our feedback with you! As a sponsor (check out our sweet PointRoll SXSWi Shuttle to the left), we were proud to have such a strong presence at this incredible event.

Overall, the event was a bit overwhelming, as none of us had been there before and there were sometimes over 65 sessions happening any given hour! It took us a little while to get the hang of everything and the below average temperature and downpours didn’t help with our navigation issues either. However, we managed to figure out the lay of the land, the campus shuttles and started focusing our energy on taking advantage of the opportunities at SXSW.

One of our favorite sessions was the Nike Digital Sport panel moderated by Jimmy Fallon on Sunday morning. Our very own Daryn Schwartz won a Nike Fuel wristband for responding with the name of the most popular power song-Eye of the Tiger!

As we bounced around the event, some of the most memorable happenings included:

  • The Turner Revival Lounge at Moonshine, it was nice to have a good place to relax and escape the intensity of SXSW.
  • The blogger lounge, another great escape to sit down, recharge and collect your thoughts for the day. Daryn also spotted Rainn Wilson in there as well!
  • The Samsung Smart Wall, a great place to check out new devices.
  • PepsiCo’s Adaptive Advertising display that could identify the demographic data of the people walking past and could target their advertising more effectively towards each individual.

Overall, this was a truly incredible experience for all of us. SXSW is a great showcase for all of the new advances in digital and we witnessed some really exciting technologies. The level of intelligence flooding the convention center and flowing out onto 6th street was inspiring and motivating. We hope you all get an opportunity to head down to Austin next year and when you do, keep an eye out for PointRoll!

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Kiley Peters is the Brand Marketing Manager at PointRoll. She is a key brand ambassador, acting as the "voice" of PointRoll, maintaining a consistent look and feel across all marketing efforts. In her role, she organizes and implements events, leads external press relationships, distributes internal and external communications, assists with creative design and manages social media initiatives. Prior to PointRoll, Kiley worked as a Branding and Marketing Manager at Resolution Media, an Omnicom digital marketing agency. She began her career in San Diego, California as a Marketing Specialist and International Event Manager for San Diego State University's Entrepreneurial Management Center. She holds a dual Bachelor's degree in Advertising and Broadcast and Electronic Communications from Marquette University and is an avid Marquette basketball and Green Bay Packers fan!

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