The Future of Display Advertising

Most conversations about display advertising revolve around techniques of grabbing your (eye)balls – traditionally the techniques have involved buying the cheapest places (publisher sites) that you can find the eyeballs you’re after (your customers, of course).  More recently, the technique has morphed into finding the right people wherever they are, and real time bidding (RTB) models offer the ability to precisely (well almost) find your desired profile or at least a look-alike.  However, in the midst of all this great innovation there is tendency to completely overlook a critically important piece: creative.

During Internet Week’s IAB Innovation Days, there seemed to be some consensus around the notion that the future of Display looks a lot like search – real time buying and contextual targeting.  That notion is probably true – however, while it does address the way media will be bought and sold, it does not address the main differentiator of display advertising which is… creative.  The graphical nature of digital display is what gives advertisers the opportunity to build their brands and wow their consumers.  Without eye popping creative – reaching the right user at the right time is meaningless.

A decade ago, display advertising offered interactive experiences that no other media could offer, and that holds true today – not search, not print, not radio, not even TV compares with the interactive ability of online display (PC and Mobile combined).  Innovators are trying hard to get TV to be interactive – my gut says that the further away the device is from the user the less inclined they will be to interact. But as these new platforms continue to draw users in, display advertising must focus on both the science (data, analytics, targeting and optimization) as well as the art (amazing, eye-catching, action-inspiring creative) – precisely what we’ve been telling our clients for years.

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George Thomas

George Thomas heads up Product Management at PointRoll and has over a decade of experience in the digital advertising industry. He oversees the strategic vision and a team of Product Managers who cover key initiatives that spans formats, distribution, measurement and compliance. Earlier in his career, George was product Manager and Director of Technology at 24/7 RealMedia where he was responsible for building sell side adserving technologies. He received his Masters in Computer Science from Oklahoma City University and Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from Pune, India.

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