The Evolution of Digital Advertising [INFOGRAPHIC]

Trends within the digital advertising industry have been evolving over the past 30 years and not only will continue to evolve, but will evolve at a faster pace. Looking back, we have witnessed digital trends range from direct lines of communication between brands and consumers using social media to the consumption of advertising on emerging platforms such as mobile phones and tablet devices, to increasing usage of brand time by applying interactive rich media elements within display ads.

Just in the past decade, digital advertising has grown due to the rapid consumption of high speed broadband internet service, the emergence of consumer friendly digital platforms and the adaptation of utilizing the web to do literally everything. No longer do we clip coupons from the Sunday newspaper, we download them from banner ads. No longer do we need to be home to record our favorite TV shows, we click a button from our smartphones we’re able to record it miles away from home, on the go. Just as high-end fashion enthusiasts look to dress in the current season’s trends, year after year digital marketers have a new online ad format or platform to try on for size. And we all know, one size does not fit all.

With all that being said, we felt it was necessary to host a webinar addressing the evolution of digital advertising to illustrate where our industry has been and its progression leading up to today’s hottest online trends.

Stemming from the large response and high interest we received on this topic, the below infographic was created to visually showcase our research and provide our webinar attendees with a follow up item to save, share and reference as a high level overview of our industry’s historical milestones.

Check out our Evolution of Digital Advertising Infographic in full detail published on Mashable today.

Please feel free to view or share our SlideShare presentation of  the Webinar on the Evolution of Digital Advertising.

Download the Evolution of Digital Advertising Infographic.

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