TREND WATCH: Most Mobile Subscribers Own Smartphones, Moms on Devices, Future Marketers and the Advertising Industry


PointRoll Smartphones & Tablets61% of Mobile Subscribers Own a Smartphone
According to a new study release by Nielsen, in the U.S. more than three out of five (61%) mobile subscribers own a smartphone, up more than 10% since smartphones became the mobile majority in early 2012. 53% of smartphone users own an Android OS followed by 40% owning iPhones.

Women make up the majority of smartphone owners, more than three out of five use them. Millenials aged 25-34 make up the largest group of smarphone owners at 78%. Americans aged 55+ make up the smallest group of owners at 42%, but this demographic has nearly doubled within the past year.

Moms On Devices 
While at the iMedia: Focus Summit on What Women Want From Brands, Kelly Jones, Head of Thought Leadership at Microsoft Advertising, said that moms are 25% more likely to own five or more devices on average. Her research also found that 76% of moms believe multitasking is necessary — they say that the only way they can get everything done is to use two or more devices at one time.

Future Marketers Perceptive on the Advertising Industry 
A new study was released this week by the MediaSchool Group. The study results are from a group of 2,000 European students between 20-25 studying advertising, marketing, communications design, PR and events. Below are some of the results.

  • 85% agreed that by 2023 social media and digital agencies would not be stand alone specialists, but integrated or full service.
  • 70% believe that in 10 years the marketing landscape will be dominated by content marketing and PR thinking.
  • 77% believe Facebook is the most important social media tool a brand can use to communicate to this generation.

Digital and Mobile TV will Dominate Growth in Entertainment Spending
U.S. consumer spending on media and entertainment is expected to grow 4.8% a year through 2017. Total U.S. spending on entertainment and media will reach $632.1 billion by 2017. Increased internet access will be the major force behind the growth in entertainment and media, reflecting expanded broadband service and more use of smart devices. Online advertising will be the fastest-growing branch of the U.S. advertising industry, climbing 14% annually to $9.4 billion by 2017. Online advertising will be exceed news papers, radio and magazines combined by 2017.

Father’s Day Spending Expected to Rise 
More and more shoppers searching for the perfect gift for the man, father or stepfather in their life are relying on their smartphones this Father’s Day. According to a survey conducted by BIGinsight, 43% of shoppers are planning to use their phone to trackdown Dad’s present. Nearly 30% of shoppers plan to buy their gifts online.

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